Black Peppa wants that invoice paid! on her huge new dance anthem Money.

Produced by the legendary Parx, the James Indigo-assisted track is a defiant house and techno-infused banger about the importance of artists – particularly queer artists – being compensated for their work.

“Where is my coin? Where is my money? Where is my bag of sterling, hunty?” Peppa repeats in the infectious chorus.

Peppa, who rose to superstardom last year as a contestant on the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, where she placed joint third/fourth, tells GAY TIMES that Money is the “perfect follow-up” to her debut single Why Is She Calling. 

“I really wanted my second track to be a collaboration. The first person who came to mind was James because he’s my fellow Brummie and I know his music has such a great underground club vibe to it,” she says.

“I wrote in my notes ‘bloodclat money’ and when James got to the studio he was saying, ‘Where is my coin, where is my money?’ I was like, ‘Wait, this is meant to be! It’s meant to be about money.'”

As a freelance artist and performer, Peppa explains that “it can sometimes be a hassle to be paid” and James “reminded” her of various instances in which she had to wait a substantial amount of time for her “sterling” to be processed. 

She says: “Parx the producer totally got what our vibe was and between us we came up with the track.” 

As a result of their shared history in the LGBTQ+ Birmingham scene, James says the collaboration with him and Peppa was “inevitable”: “We recently got talking and we were like, ‘It’s time to make a hit!’ 

“Collabing with Peppa was fun. We both work fast and get each other. She’s really creative and likes to push herself, which I love. Art should never be forced. It should be organic. This is exactly what this collab was.”

Peppa shares the same sentiments: “James is such a natural. I’ve been a huge fan of his music for quite a long time now. When James walked into the studio it was amazing watching him at work, his musicality is next level. 

“Being around someone so talented, it sparks a lot of inspiration. Being in the room that day and seeing all the ideas blossom, I was excited and knew the song would be big. I like to write in the moment, and in that moment we felt such creative juice flowing through us both!” 

Money and Why Is She Calling will be included on a forthcoming EP/album, Peppa reveals. Her aim is to “release a lot of bangers” and “have a unique sound with each song I create”. 

“I also want to do lots of collaborations this year,” she adds. “It will be a hectic year, but maybe this is a smaller piece of a bigger puzzle!” 

Money is now available on iTunes and streaming services.

Listen below on Spotify/Apple Music.