Mel Incarnate has released her debut music video and horror fans will not be disappointed.

The self-proclaimed “tranny pop-star” has unveiled the music video for Big Tits, her debut EP Tranic Attack’s lead single.

The song sees Mel looking for “big tits to match her ass” and explores themes of body dysmorphia, suicidal ideation and feelings of emotional release and celebration.

It is predominantly about Mel wanting “her body to match her mind” and has been described as a “Slayyyter-esque” hyperpop bop.

“I was programmed to think of my transness as evil or horrifying and in this video I wanted to focus on all of that by using iconic horror movie tropes,” Mel said of the inspiration for her Big Tits music video.

“I cover Scream, I cover some David Lynch horror, I cover The Ring and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All of these movies were influential for me and I always identified with both the victim or the monster of the film because I felt both sides of that from being closeted.”

Mel often uses her music to channel the pain she has experienced navigating things such as sobriety, transitioning and abuse.

She is known for using horror-inspired lyrics and synths, as well as her no-holds-barred performance style which captivates audiences.


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Mel wrote all of the lyrics for Tranic Attack, a record which is sure to be intimate but enjoyable as she details coming to terms with mental illness and learning to love herself.

“I had no expectations, I just wanted to put my inner dialogue out into the world and it’s really cool to have people relate,” Mel said of Big Tits. “I’ve had straight people reach out to me and say they love it. I’ve had trans men who surprisingly relate to it reach out to me.

“So many people from all different walks of life kind of just get down with the message of shameless shame.”

Tranic Attack will be out later this year. You can watch the music video for Big Tits here or below.