Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged is a regularly-updated playlist curated for GAY TIMES and exclusively available on Apple Music that spotlights, celebrates and supports LGBTQ+ artists and our allies in hip-hop.

This month, Ellie has refreshed the playlist with LGBTQ+ artists in hip-hop including ToriWhoDat, Keanan, and Carla Prata.

“Had my mum not gone through the trauma of travelling across the world to escape war in the Middle East, I would not have had the opportunity to grow up in a city – London to be exact – where I would have the freedom and confidence to be who I am and authentically own my identity and sexuality,” says Ellie.

“Long before I was born, Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera risked their lives to fight and pave the way for our acceptance along with many more. LGBTQIA+ History month, isn’t just one month, it’s a necessary part of history and every child and adult needs to know the struggle and the sacrifice that took place thats allowed us to be FREE today.

“Welcome to my EnGayged playlist: A home where no matter what your sexual orientation is, or how you identify, you have a space to just be you.

“Together we continue the selfless efforts of the warriors of the past, your new favourite playlist, where allies and members of our community unite. No rules. Just music. Enjoy!”

New tracks added to this month’s playlist also includes Aries’ Seat at the Table, Shasimone’s Supersize and The Sage by Shinobi Elite.

Each month, Ellie will refresh the playlist with emerging talent, the hottest new tracks, and classic anthems that will empower and educate the listener on the intersection of hip-hop and queerness in the 21st century.

You can add Ellie Prohan Presents EnGayged to your Apple Music library now.