U.S. Dept. of Education

“I’m aware of that data.”

Betsy DeVos knew her outdated policies would harm transgender kids, but she went forward with them anyway.

Trump’s Education Secretary was questioned at the House Education Committee by Democrat Suzanna Bonamici, on her decision to roll back Barack Obama’s discrimination protections for transgender children.

“The U.S. Office for Civil Rights is committed to ensuring all students have equal access to education free from discrimination,” she told Bonamici, who found her answer inadequate.

“Sorry, I would really like an answer, students and families need to know this,” she hit back.

“Did you know, when you rolled back the guidance, that the stress of harassment and discrimination can lead to lower attendance and grades as well as depression for transgender students?

“Did you know that when you rolled back the guidance?”

DeVos finally admitted: “I do know that. But I will say again that OCR is committed to ensuring all students have access to their education free from discrimination.”

Bonamici then asked DeVos if she was aware that transgender students were subject to “alarming levels of suicide” to which she responded: “I’m aware of that data.”

Her admission has led to widespread backlash from mainstream media and LGBTQ activists.

“She knowingly made the lives of transgender students more difficult,” wrote GLAAD on Twitter. “Utterly cruel.”

Watch the clip below.