Photo: @PopCrave

An estimated 30,000 people marched to celebrate trans joy and demand equal rights on Saturday (15 July).

Organisers expected up to 10,000 attendees for the 10-year anniversary of Europe’s first and largest trans Pride event. 

Fox Fisher, activist and co-founder of the event, shared to social media: “We have so much to be proud of.”

The organisers of Trans Pride Brighton issued a statement on Friday (14 July) explaining changed plans due to weather warnings. 

They explained the difficult financial situation threatening the event’s future, urging supporters to attend.

“If you planned to attend tomorrow please do show up and support regardless of venue.”

The turnout exceeded expectations. Prominent names such as beloved comedian Suzy Eddie Izzard, Brighton Pavillion MP Caroline Lucas and Raphael Hill, Brighton’s first openly trans councillor, attended. 

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For us it’s about celebrating who we are, it’s about trans joy,” Fisher told The Independent. “We don’t want to hide in the shadows, we want to be seen.”

Despite setbacks, including the relocation and a fire at the Royal Albion Hotel on the seafront, the march was a success.

One attendee, Lex Roberts, told The Independent that the protest has become “more angry” as trans people continue to be “vilified in the media”.