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And here’s an easy way to lend a hand.

Here in Tunisia, it’s a crime to be gay.

That means that, for a young LGBTQ person, being homeless in our country is like a death sentence.

My name is Amina and, for the past two years, I have helped build and operate Tunisia’s only shelter for LGBTQ people. We have hosted dozens of people, helping them find safety, community, and hope again.

But this work could soon come to an end.

We’re doing all we can to stay open, but after months of seeking financial support, our resources have dried up.

That’s why we are teaming up with All Out to raise funds to keep this life-saving work going. You can help by clicking here.

A lot of people don’t like what we do. Shortly after opening, five attackers tried to break in. Police let the attackers off and refused to protect us. Violent threats have continued ever since. A petition was even launched to try and shut down our shelter.

But we just can’t give up, as more and more young LGBTQ people in Tunisia find themselves homeless every day.

People like 22-year-old Dali, who was kicked out by his family because he was too “girly.” Rather than face life on the streets, he was ready to take his own life. Thankfully, Dali came to our shelter and found hope for a better future.

We care for our tenants in so many ways beyond just providing them with meals and a bed. Our shelter is more than just a safe place to live, it’s the only family our tenants have left.

With your help, we can raise enough money to pay rent until at least the end of the year. You can help by clicking here.