From a cheeky spoon to the more adventurous pretzel position, here are the US’s most-searched sex positions.

According to research conducted by, which analysed Google Trends data, the eighth most popular position is the ‘butterfly’ with over 11 thousand searches – the most popular locations were reportedly Hawaii and Delaware.

Claiming seventh spot is ‘pretzel position’, a fun and playful pose credited by LELO to be favoured by those who “enjoy unique and creative mixes in their private lives”.

‘Women on top’ lands at sixth, with 26 thousand searches for the term in 2023. This is a particular pleasure point for those in Utah and North Dakota.

Perhaps the most placid of all the positions in the listing is ‘spoons position’, which is ranked fifth. This position involves both partners laying on their side, resembling a pair of nested spoons.

The midway point of the most desirable bedroom positions is claimed by the only position that involves more than two people, the ‘Eiffel Tower’. This position accumulated more than 38 thousand searches, and appeared to be a favourite in Connecticut, Delaware and Oregon.

Moving into the top three with 111 thousand searches is the ‘lotus position’, “favoured by those who enjoy deep penetration and close bodily contact,” according to the Swedish luxury sex toy manufacturers.

In second place is the “69” with a total of 144 thousand searches, primarily emanating from New York and Texas.

Taking top spot is the traditional ‘missionary position’, which was the top-ranked across nearly all US states. However, it is a particular favourite in Georgia, Texas and Hawaii.

Notably, a few quintessential sex positions for the LGBTQIA+ community are missing, from scissoring to doggy style.