Drag Race UK and Queerpiphany superstar Tayce revealed she and her friends were discriminated against by hotel staff in Birmingham.

She opened up in a Carpool Karaoke-style interview with cricketing legend Freddie Flintoff.

The two drove around Manchester and were in the city for Pride celebrations.

The lip-sync assassin of season two opened up about issues she faced whilst touring.

“I’ve had a few experiences where I’ve been on tour and I’ve got to the hotel that I’m staying at and had two of my gay friends come over,” she explained.

“Once in Birmingham we were in a student accommodation area. I’d just finished a show and got back to my hotel to de-drag. They came over for a little drink. The people behind the desk took a look at the three of us and were like ‘no, absolutely not going to happen.’”

“I’m like ‘why, these are my friends? It’s my hotel room, I’m allowed to have whoever I want in it’. It just seemed very judge-y, very homophobic, which makes me sad.”

“From the way they were looking at me perhaps they thought we were going to have a gang bang! Even if I wanted 800 people in my room, it’s no-one’s concern but mine.”

Luckily, the star didn’t let the incident ruin her night.

“But imagine if there is a gay couple or a lesbian couple or whoever it may be, they choose to come to a hotel and they’re trying to check in and they feel nervous asking for a double bed,” she stated.

“It could be two guys or two girls asking for a double bed and they feel scared or ashamed or insecure. That just saddens me because you shouldn’t feel ashamed at all for just being who you are and doing what you do – wanting to enjoy a night in a hotel like anyone else.”