Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

Earlier this week, Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for Governor of New York.

In her announcement video she said: “New York is my home. I’ve never lived anywhere else. When I grew up here, it was just my mom and me in a one-bedroom fifth floor walk-up. Our leaders are letting us down. We are now the most unequal state in the country, with both incredible wealth and extreme poverty.

“Together, we could show the entire country and the world that in the era of Donald Trump, New Yorkers will come together and lead our nation forward. I’m running for Governor because we want our state back.”

However, her candidacy announcement was met with some criticism, including from the speaker of the New York City Council who called Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.” The speaker, Christine Quinn, later apologised for the remarks on Twitter.

But in response to Quinn’s comments, Nixon hilariously retorted with: “Now yesterday, when I announced my candidacy, one of Governor Cuomo’s top surrogates dismissed me as an ‘unqualified lesbian’.

“And I just want to say tonight that she was technically right. I don’t have my certificate from the Department of Lesbian Affairs. But in my defence, there is a lot of paperwork involved.”

And in a further response to Quinn’s comments, the custom apparel company, Teespring, has launched a new t-shirt, saying “Unqualified Lesbian” in support of Nixon.

The shirt was created by the comedian Marie Connor. The item description, which refers to Nixon’s Sex and the City character, Miranda Hobbes, reads: “If Miranda is an unqualified lesbian, then I guess I am too.”

Another t-shirt, on a separate site, was also launched, this one saying “We should all be Mirandas.” The item description on this shirt reads: “It’s hard being a Miranda in the age of Trump and $700 feminist slogan tees. But if Mirandas ruled the world, the world would be a considerably less fucked up place.

“We should all be Mirandas: smart, pragmatic, ambitious and unafraid to eat cake out of the garbage. And now you can pay homage to the sanest member of the squad with our “We Should All Be Mirandas” tee.

“At $32 it’s a full $678 cheaper than a certain ubiquitous designer tee, plus all of the hottest celebs are wearing it! And we’re donating 15% of the proceeds to the Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign, because it’s the Miranda thing to do.”

If elected, Nixon would make history by becoming the first woman and openly LGBTQ Governor of New York.