RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shea Couleé responded to a recent incident of racist and homophobic abuse by throwing iced coffee at the perpetrator.

On Twitter, the 34-year-old revealed that she intervened in an incident when she witnessed the harassment of three teenage girls outside a Starbucks.

Couleé stated that the man called them ‘w****s’ and her first response was to respond calmly.

However, after the man then hurled homophobic and racist slurs at her, she responded by throwing her iced Americano at him.

The two-time All Stars competitor also hit back against a bystander who deemed her response ‘uncalled for’.

“Firstly, as a white person, NEVER tell a black person how to respond to being called a ‘n*****’,” she stated.

Couleé stands by her choice to defend the girls: “Also, I have NEVER in my life thrown a drink on someone. And can I just say, it felt incredible?”

Fans have commended her actions on Twitter.

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This incident comes just a couple of months after Couleé received praise for her response to a fan who was unable to buy her Pride Month merch from Target,

The fan, Twitter user Michael (@miko_chaymbuhz), explained his story in a thread, which Couleé promptly quote tweeted and reshared.

Michael quickly expressed his gratitude in a heartfelt follow-up response to Couleé’s message.