If you’re looking for something to indulge in this October, well, we’ve got just the thing for you.  In partnership with Netflix and Shondaland, The Lanesborough has launched a limited-edition afternoon tea experience inspired by Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. This delightful tea pays homage to the Regency Era’s high style, elegance and grandeur with a contemporary twist.

So, here’s an idea of what to expect: the room is luxuriously decorated, naturally illuminated during the day by its domed glass roof, while gently aglow under chandeliers in the evening. The walls are lined with Wedgwood china and intricate cut-stone artwork.

Salvator Mungiovino, the head pastry chef, crafted a menu dedicated to both the show’s key characters and the Lanesborough House’s history as a quintessential Regency building. The finger sandwiches and savouries include: cured salmon with lemon and caper cream, Coronation chicken, mayonnaise and mustard cress, cucumber with cream cheese, basil and chive, and a cheddar scone with cheese custard.

The original concept for the sweet dishes includes four signatures, inspired by four key characters. 

Your Majesty dedicated to the star of the show Queen Charlotte, sitting regally atop the cake stand – Your Majesty is an exquisite hand-crafted sharing cake, with hues of gold and red this elegant and delicate strawberry scented cream bavaroise, infused orange gel, almond crunchy base, sprayed with red chocolate. The crown is edible and made from Royal Icing fitting for a Queen.

King George Dreams of Venus in honour of King George III and his love of astronomy, The King George is a cake of distinction and his pet nickname for his Queen, to the planet Venus.   A planet sphere made of 54 per cent chocolate mousse, jasmine-infused dark chocolate ganache, coca sable, glazed on blue and white and universal stars.

The Lady Violet Inspired by Lady Violet’s elegant fashion this elegant chocolate bavaroise, mango compote, lime chantilly, seated on shortbread finished with tempered chocolate, and sugar flowers.

Danbury Delight Inspired by Lady Danbury’s love of hats and jewels, showcasing the Danbury signature purple, made from Berryiolette pistachio gateaux, combined with a vanilla whipped ganache, sitting on a vanilla sable base finished with purple tempered chocolate.

The theme of regality also extends to drinks. Attendees can indulge in The ‘Queen Charlotte cocktail’ inspired by the original Regency Gin Punch, combining gin with Chambord liquor, cranberry, lychee, vanilla and lime before being topped with Champagne. Or, for those wanting a non-alcoholic equivalent, the Noughty Sparkling Rosé, cranberry juice, lychee, vanilla and lime, is also served.

So, now you have an idea to expect, here’s our take — The Lanesborough afternoon tea was a royal success. From attentive waiters to a joyful atmosphere,  the limited-edition afternoon tea experience was nothing short of brilliant. If you’re looking for something to do in London this autumn, we absolutely recommend making a trip to The Lanesborough for fresh scones and elegant treats with a twist. 

For more information, head over to lanesborough.com/afternoontea.