The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) has issued a statement after two men took intimacy to a new level on-top of a moving subway train, according to brazen social photos.

Tim Minto, Communications Director, said in a statement to The New York Post: “The only thing dumber than riding on top of a subway train is dropping pants in the process.

“Those reckless clowns aren’t thinking about the mess cleaners and other transit workers will have to deal with when their stupid stunt goes tragically wrong.”

MTA is the public benefit corporation responsible for public transportation in the New York City metropolitan area.

On 16 February, an X (formerly Twitter) user that has the bio line “Transit Workers against corruption” posted two images that showed two unidentified semi-naked men caught in an x-rated moment, on top of a moving train.

A third person can be seen walking towards the duo in one image and then sat on top of the carriage in another that’s zoomed out.

The post is accompanied by the caption: “1:20 pm Friday, February 9th on the #7 line men appear to be having sex on top of a NYC MTA train. What is the MTA doing about this?”

The MTA have called out the behaviour, but could not confirm the authenticity of the images or whether services were impacted, according to The City.

Six people died while riding recklessly outside of trains in 2023, according to an MTA spokesperson. “Subway surfing” is on the rise, it seems, as this was one more than the total number of fatalities from 2018 to 2022.

In January, the first subway surfing death of 2024 occurred when a 14-year-old boy fell onto the tracks from the top of an F train near Brooklyn’s Avenue N stop.

Just FYI, GAY TIMES does not support subway surfing.