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A protester displaying a rainbow flag leapt onto the pitch during last night’s World Cup game in Qatar, protesting human rights issues.

The man also wore a T-shirt branded with slogans such as ‘Save Ukraine’ and ‘Respect for Iranian women’.

He was chased by stewards during the second half of the Portugal versus Uruguay match.

Italian press agency AGI identified him as Mario Ferri.

He has made similar protests before, including at the 2014 Brazil World Cup, where he criticised child poverty.

LGBTQ+ human rights in the host country have been a critical issue throughout the games, with LGBTQ+ groups criticising the decision to hold the tournament in a country where homosexuality is illegal.

The Welsh LGBTQ+ group Rainbow Wall reported having their rainbow accessories taken off them by stadium staff before the country’s match with the USA.

Former Welsh women’s captain, Laura McAllister, described it as “heavy-handed” and “intimidating”.

Meanwhile, venues in Birmingham’s Gay Village are boycotting the games, refusing to show them due to the treatment of LGBTQ+ people in the country.

FIFA previously told players to ‘focus on football’ rather than political issues.

As a result of FIFA’s statements, which suggested players could receive an automatic yellow card for ‘political’ gestures on the pitch, a number of European teams ditched plans to wear ‘OneLove’ Armbands in support of inclusion in football.

This included England and Wales.

There have been increasing protests in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini in custody.

The government state that she died from an underlying disease, whilst her family claim she had head injuries.

The 22-year-old allegedly broke the country’s rules on headcoverings.

The Iranian team in the World Cup did not sing their national anthem in their match against England, seemingly in support of the anti-government protests.

The World Cup continues in Qatar until 18 December.