Police in Lurgan, Northern Ireland are treating graffiti that said “no Irish no gay” as a homophobic hate crime.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) confirmed that they had received a report of criminal damage on 18 August, but that the graffiti has potentially been there “for a number of years”.

“Officers attended and spoke with local residents, who advised that the graffiti had been there for a number of years,” a spokesperson told The Belfast Telegraph.

“The graffiti is being treated a homophobic hate crime.”

The same slogan appeared on a motorway banner in Northern Ireland five years ago before ultimately being removed by police.

Alliance Councillor Peter Lavery shared his concern over the latest incident with the aforementioned outlet.

“It’s very concerning, I seen stencils did go up and around Mourneview a year or two ago, and they were reported and removed at the time,” he explained.

“But it’s very worrying this is now becoming a regular occurrence.”