A New York City judge has allegedly been fired for having an OnlyFans account.

On 21 March, the NYC Financial Department relieved administrative judge Gregory A. Locke from his duties due to “unprofessional behaviour” (per The New York Post).

As a city administrative law judge, one of Locke’s responsibilities was handing out parking tickets.

According to the aforementioned publication, Locke’s firing stemmed from a complaint by Republican councilwoman Vickie Paladino, who received pushback from the 33-year-old after she posted a tweet opposing Drag Queen Story Hours.

“An absolutely shameful display,” Paladino tweeted. In response, Locke wrote: “Choke on a d**k Vickie.” 

Despite keeping his judicial and OnlyFans work separate, Locke’s colourful statement resulted in his employer investigating the incident and his out-of-work activity.  

While Locke and his career have been targeted by conservative officials, the law professional has received messages of support from an array of social media users.

One Twitter user wrote: “This makes me so sad and angry he’s a really nice guy and definitely doesn’t deserve this … what people do *legally* off the clock in their personal lives shouldn’t affect their job security.”

Another person tweeted: “Some people bake cakes for a side hustle, some people clap cakes for a side hustle. Some people organize poker games for friends, some people organize orgies for friends.

“Shaming of sex work, fetish communities, and general sexual freedom among consenting adults is so fucking reductive and lazy. Especially if you consume porn, to shame the creators of it is the height of hypocrisy.”

Locke isn’t the only professional to be fired for participating in consensual and legal adult activities off the clock.

Back in 2022, Emmy-nominated meteorologist Erick Adame was let go by New York’s Spectrum News NY1 after images leaked of him performing on an adult cam site.

While he was initially suspended, the news outlet ended up firing him, which resulted in him suing the website.

In addition to his own legal action, New York authorities have reportedly announced that they would be investigating who leaked the private images.

During an interview with WNYC Studios, Adame somberly reflected on the situation, stating: “I don’t apologize for being sex positive – but I apologize because I am a role model. What it comes to is, as a news person, i live under different rules. I don’t think that’s fair, but I think that we do.”