The benefits of joining mygwork – the online LGBTQ business community

myGwork has reinvented the way LGBTQ professionals search, find and secure jobs in inclusive organisations. You now have the choice to work for organisations that want to create a diverse workplace and for respect your sexual orientation, your skin color, your belief etc.

Members of myGwork come to the site for different reasons, some of them come to find jobs, others to know which organisations are inclusive, read LGBTQ news, look for LGBTQ networking events, find a mentor or create meaningful connections that will be helpful when asking for advice, doing business development or just have a coffee with like-minded individuals.

Many of us have felt at one point that there was no one to talk to about our personal life at work because we don’t think members outside the LGBTQ community would understand. With myGwork, we are growing a professional community of people just like us and those who consider themselves our allies. We are making it easier to locate and network with other Gworkers just like us and lend our support to one another.

myGwork’s main mission is to empower the LGBTQ community and federate a fearless new generation of LGBTQ professionals in the global workforce. We believe that shared experiences and mutual support will help reach this goal. Adrien and Pierre Gaubert, founders of mygwork, both had negative experiences when coming out at work and wish for this to never happen again in the future.

myGwork’s partner organisations are of various organisational sizes and have one thing in common, they want to ensure no one has to live in the closet or feel excluded because they are LGBTQ. When a former colleague came out to Susan Allen, Head of Retail, at Santander UK, she said “How can I make it easier for you?” This is what myGwork is all about, making the workplace the best experience possible for their members.

If LGBTQ people are going to work for organisations and invest their time and effort, they are better doing it with employers with whom they share common values with them. Bigotry and exclusion are archaic and are harmful on all front. Organisations have to understand that if they want to attract and retain the best talent. myGwork partners are from all industries and locations and include: Clifford Chance, Santander UK, EY, Worldpay, PwC, GSK, Dentsu Aegis, JP Morgan, Salesforce, Travers Smith, Willis Towers Watson, JLL, Just Eat and Uber, etc.

Mentoring has become crucial for career development and what could be better than an LGBTQ mentor who knows exactly how you feel and what you may need to succeed? You can identify mentors easily on myGwork with their purple profiles and can initiate a conversation by sending them an invite for a chat, a skype, a coffee or a meeting. The chat feature allows members to communicate easily, with a friendly more professional-orientated focus than other LGBTQ apps that often just target the dating market.

The myGwork platform has become a regular hunting ground for 100s recruiters searching for diverse talent and having your CV on myGwork will boost your chances to attract their attention. “Last February 16th I took part in the networking event organised in  collaboration with myGwork to talk to diverse leaders.” Jesper from Willis Towers Watson said. “It was a great opportunity to see how committed Willis Towers Watson is to the cause and hosted this event to support everyone’s agenda, not just their own. Of course, the event was also perfect for talking to your employees and getting to know each other while my graduate application was pending. Eventually I ended up at the desk I am sitting at now and I love it.

myGwork has partnered with local LGBTQ organisations in London and advertise all LGBTQ events in the world for free so if you are looking for an event or wish to share yours, do not hesitate to contact their team. Be part of the platform that federates the LGBTQ community and #workstrong with mygwork!