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Oklahoma will be the eighth state that California has banned state-funded travel to because of anti-LGBTQ laws.

California has banned state-funded travel to Oklahoma after the state introduced legislation that allows adoption agencies to refuse LGBTQ couples if it goes against their religious beliefs. The ban is set to come into force on June 22.

This isn’t the first time that California has banned state-funded travel to other states because of their anti-LGBTQ laws. The state currently bans state-funded travel to Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota and Alabama.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, the state’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra said: “California taxpayers are taking a stand against bigotry.

“California will not use state resources to support states that pass discriminatory laws. Our taxpayer dollars do not fund bigotry. No exceptions.”

Sandy Price, the vice-president of tourism sales in Oklahoma said that she was unaware of any cancellations to the state following the ban. However, Price did say that it could be too soon to see whether the ban will have an affect on the state.

Rick Zbur, the executive director of Equality California slammed the Oklahoma bill, saying: “Every child deserves a loving, supportive family, and it’s neither pro-child, nor pro-family, for Oklahoma to deny them one.” He then echoed Becerra’s comments and said: “California taxpayers won’t subsidize Oklahoma’s — or any state’s — discriminatory policies.”

In April, California also announced that they would be giving fraud convictions to practitioners who carry out discredited gay ‘cure’ therapy. At the time, Democrat Evan Low, who is also the chair of the LGBT Legislative Caucus said: “Study after study has shown that ‘conversion therapy’ is ineffective, damaging, and counterproductive.

“It is our duty to protect Californians from such deceptive practices that will expose them to physical and emotional harm.”