Brazilian actor star Amaury Lorenzo received death threats for his same-sex kiss in Terra e Paixão.

Over the last few months, the popular Brazilian soap opera has made massive waves with TV viewers.

In addition to its murder mystery and family feud storylines, Terra e Paixão has been lauded for its LGBTQIA+ representation, specifically in regards to characters like Ramiro (Lorenzo) – a gruff and closeted cowboy – and Kelvin (Diego Martins) – an openly gay activist.

Amid the show’s growing popularity, Lorenzo publically came out as queer while speaking to Extra in October.

“I consider myself an LGBTQIA+ man. It’s possible that in the future I could marry another man, cis or trans, or a woman, cis or trans,” he revealed. 

“I know the public is curious to know about my sexuality. I don’t have a problem with that. I just hope that topic doesn’t overshadow my work as an actor.”

While Lorenzo has continued to see success with his Terra e Paixão character, even earning Globo’s Breakout Actor of the Year award for his work, he recently was subjected to some anti-LGBTQIA+ hate on social media. 

On the 12 December episode of the aforementioned series, Lorenzo and Martin’s characters shared their first kiss, much to fans’ excitement. 

However, shortly after the scene aired, the 39-year-old took to his Instagram story to reveal that he had been inundated with death threats over the kiss.

“I’ve received death threats over the course of the night, besides offences regarding who I am and what my job is. Everything is in the hands of Justice,” he wrote in his now-deleted story, per Out. 


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“All of this… because of an award. Last, this morning and this afternoon were all difficult. Hell-ish. That’s why I’ve been absent from social media. However, as an artist, I emanate love. And people who follow me also emanate love. Not death.” 

Fortunately, Lorenzo assured his fans that he was okay and that death threats no longer held any weight to him after everything he’s gone through.

“Even after adding up my trajectory of working for 25 years, I’m still enlightened by human beings who save my life every single day. I love you all. And I came back here because of you all. What we’re building here is filled with love, and I can’t let go of holding your hands,” he added. 

“Let’s focus on the love and the reception of this scene that we’ve all been waiting for. That’s what matters, the love… Diego and I have been fighting for this scene for months restlessly. So, it’s time to focus on love.” 

Throughout 2023, Lorenzo has constantly used his Instagram to fight back against homophobia and prejudice.

On 13 October, the actor uploaded a powerful message to his followers about fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights while also highlighting his Terra e Paixão character’s emotional coming out story.

“Brazil is the country that kills the most lgbtqia+ people in the world. It is urgent to fight for life, for the simple right to live,” he said (via a translation).

“The fight for rights, for the constitutional right to life. This fight is for everyone, not just lgbtqia+ people. But of all and all. It’s the fight for life.”