Vickie Vainionpää

Vickie Vainionpää

Artsy celebrates Pride Month with its new Artists for Pride Impact Auction to benefit the Ali Forney Center (AFC).

From 22 June to 29 June, the leading online art marketplace will be teaming up with an array of artists to raise funds for the AFC – the US’ largest LGBTQIA+ homeless youth scatter housing site and services organisation.

Proceeds from the auction will go directly to the lifesaving care provided at the organisation’s new and expanded 24-hour midtown New York drop-in center – which offers health and education services, counselling and emergency housing.

The artists featured in the benefit auction include Didier William, Jordan Nassar, Jo Messer, the Haas Brothers, Tim Davy, Kyle Meyer, Kate Pincus-Whitney, Erin M Riley, Emma Kohlmann, Elizabeth Glaessner, Caitlin Chery, Vickie Vainionpää, Leilah Babiyre and Darryl Westly.

In regards to the auction, some of the pieces that will be available for purchase include wool tapestries, woven cotton and wax print fabrics, sculptures, oil paintings, ink washes, watercolors and more.

The aforementioned pieces will also feature themes of sexuality, identities and otherness.

Artsy Impact Auction Specialist Brooke Wise opened up about the importance of the LGBTQ+ inclusive auction in a statement.


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“Artist for Pride highlights the urgent need for safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth, a mission the Ali Forney Center has been dedicated to since 2002,” Brooke explained.

“Funds raised by the auction will directly support these vulnerable and resilient individuals. The works in this auction bring together art, community, advocacy and raise awareness about the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ homeless youth.

“These artists have come togther in a sign of allyship, inspiring action, and ultimately using their art as an activist platform.”

Zachary Cohen, Ali Forney Center’s Director of Development, echoed similar sentiments in an additional statement.

“We’re grateful for this opportunity to partner with Artsy and these incredible artists who have joined forces to make the Artists for Pride Auction a reality and a true collaboration representing a powerful celebration of art, diversity, and inclusivity,” Zachary said.

“Art has always been a powerful tools to fight injustice. This initiative will have incredible impact to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community are protected.”

For more information about Artsy’s Artists for Pride Impact Auction, click here.