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Speaking to GAY TIMES, Calum Scott teased the new music fans can look forward to and talked about the time he met Robyn in person.

Calum attended SKITTLES® GAY TIMES Honours delivered by Gorillas at Magazine London on 19 November.

As he walked the event’s pink carpet, he opened up about his latest release, Love Is Just a Word, a stunning collaboration with Jasmine Thompson.

“She’s an amazing artist, it was a pleasure to be on this with her and singing about love, so it just fits in with the classic Calum Scott vibe,” he told GAY TIMES.

Calum said that Rise, his latest solo single, is about “putting your best foot forward and rising up against all of our barriers and all of the things we have to face in life.”

He explained that one of the songs from his first album, Only Human, details his “own coming out journey” that members of the LGBTQ+ community may be able to relate to.

“I wrote my own experience, my own coming out journey, on No Matter What from the first album,” Calum said. “That was really powerful for me because that unlocked a lot of how I felt about myself and it led me to love myself again. For the first time I actually felt liberated as a gay man writing music that was hopefully going to change other people’s lives as well.”

Calum teased that his upcoming album could also feature a song about “the LGBTQ journey”.

He told GAY TIMES: “On the second album I’ve talked about that a bit as well, I’ve tried not to regurgitate but I’ve touched on that, so can’t tell too much.

“But, there’s definitely a very emotional song on that second album that talks to the LGBTQ journey so, yeah. I just want to get this music out now!”

2022 is set to be a big year for Calum with the release of his sophomore album and tour in support of The Script’s greatest hits record.

However, he noted that without his cover of Dancing On My Own by Robyn, his “journey might not have ever started.”

“Obviously, I’m a massive Robyn fan,” he explained to GAY TIMES. “Without Robyn, my journey might not have ever started. So, it was amazing to speak to her in person a few years back and she liked the version which was amazing news!”

Following the success of his first release, Calum said that he feels the pressure to “produce something beautiful” for the fans once again.

He added: “Just trying to keep the head in my game and try and make sure that I deliver what I can because now I’ve got my mission to the fans to produce something beautiful for them, like what I’ve seen happen with the first album. So yeah, I just want to keep delivering great music, be it LGBTQ-related or not.”

See more of Calum at SKITTLES® GAY TIMES Honours delivered by Gorillas below.

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Photo: Getty Images / Lia Toby

Photo: Getty Images / Lia Toby