A release date for Billy Porter and Luke Evans’ new drama Our Son has finally been announced. 

Directed by Bill Oliver, the film follows Nicky (Evans) and Gabriel (Porter), a gay married couple, as they go through a messy divorce and custody battle over their eight-year-old son Owen. 

The official synopsis reads: “Nicky, a book publisher devoted to his work, lives with his husband Gabriel, a former actor and stay-at-home dad, and their eight-year-old son Owen. Gabriel loves Own more than anything; Nicky loves Gabriel more than anything. 

“Despite appearances, Gabriel has been dissatisfied with their marriage for some time and files for divorce, leading to a custody battle that forces both of them to confront the changing reality of their love for each other and for their son.” 

In June, Our Son had its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. 

The LGBTQIA+ drama received universal acclaim from critics, with many praising its turbulent yet moving story and the heartfelt performances from Porter and Evans. 

As of this writing, the project holds an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since its debut on the film festival circuit, news regarding its release date has been kept under wraps – until now.


According to Deadline, Our Son will premiere in select cinemas on 8 December and will be released digitally on 15 December. 

There has been no indication of whether the US or UK will have different theatrical release dates. 

The exciting news comes a few months after Evans opened up to PEOPLE about joining the film and taking on his first major queer role. 

“I’ve been ready to take that step for ages. I just haven’t found the right story [until now],” the openly gay actor told the publication. 

“This was something I hadn’t seen before, and it’s clearly something that we’re all going through. Divorce is as right for a gay couple as marriage, and I hadn’t really seen that, and when I read it, every time I’ve read the script, I wept.” 

Towards the end of his interview, the Beauty and the Beast star described his filming experience as “wonderful” before expressing the importance of its emotional story. 

“You don’t have to be gay to enjoy this or understand this story,” he added.

“People all over the world go through divorce, breakups and custody battles. Families break up all the time, but this is the story of hope, how they get through it, and how a new chapter is started, but a different kind of chapter.”