VIVA GLAM is back to mark World AIDS Day with a new collaboration.

The glamour has been cranked up higher, the lipsticks are bolder, and the need to give back and raise awareness has never been more important. So to mark the 27th year of VIVA GLAM, Mac Cosmetics partner up with queer revolutionary artist Keith Haring to continue their pledge of donating 100% of all proceeds to raising awareness and funds for the education and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The collaboration undeniably holds sentimental value and is the perfect homage to Haring’s legacy, as he tragically passed of AIDS-related complications in 1990. But his legacy and inclusive motto, ‘Art is for everybody’, is the perfect marriage with Mac Cosmetics’ DNA values of ‘All Ages, All Races, All Genders’. The charitable programme extends help and aid to all, including the LGBTQ+ community.

VIVA GLAM was established in 1994 to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS at a time when the pandemic was dramatically affecting the world. To do their part, the founders of VIVA GLAM came up with the idea of creating a lipstick that would serve as a symbol of activism. The concept was truly genius, as you can apply directly to your lips and then use them to speak about what matters to you. This spark of beauty innovation has resulted in MAC raising over $500 million alone on the sale of VIVA GLAM lip cosmetics, and they will continue to fundraise and support until everyone has a healthy future and equal rights.

There’s no easier way to be a part of such a powerful cause. The simple purchase of one lipstick can impact and change the lives of many. One lipstick can help give two nights of housing for someone homeless and affected by HIV/AIDS. It can assure 254 male condoms, which are efficient in preventing HIV transmission, can be distributed effectively. It can provide one rapid oral HIV test, and eight home-delivered meals for an HIV/AIDS person who is unable to cook. The purchase of one lipstick truly is the gift that keeps giving, with the impact rippling far and wide. You can literally change lives with one simple swipe.

This December will mark the 40th anniversary of the first AIDS-related death in the United Kingdom, a significant milestone. Despite the fact that the virus was only discovered in 1984, an estimated 38 million people have the virus and over 35 million people have died as a result of HIV or AIDS-related illnesses, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in history. World AIDS Day serves as a reminder to the public and government that HIV has not gone away; there is still a critical need to generate funds, create awareness, and educate people about the infection.

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