Image: Zach Alston / Stylist: Raven Roberts

Brown has said in the past that bomber jackets are one of his favourite things to wear.

Karamo Brown may not be Queer Eye’s fashion expert, but that hasn’t stopped him from planning to bring out a line of gender-neutral bomber jackets.

Speaking to Variety, at an Emmy screening, hosted by GSLEN, Brown said: “It’ll be coming very, very, very, soon.

“We’re starting with a small collection, and it’s going to be unisex. It’s going to be all sorts of patterns from things that are sparkly to things that are floral to things that you can wear to work.”

And joking that he was part of food expert Antoni Porowski’s upcoming restaurant, Brown said: “There’s going to be a secret ‘Karamo Menu.’ You’ll have to ask for it and it will have the unhealthiest food.”

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In an interview with Gay Times earlier this year, Brown opened up about how important a show like Queer Eye is in today’s world. “Well, worldwide we’re regressing,” he said.

“People assume that just because in certain places LGBTQ people can get married, that all of a sudden they’re like, ‘Oh look we’ve got all our rights.’ But if you look across the board, there’s still so many countries that criminalise LGBTQ people just for being who they are.

“In some places you can’t set up an LGBTQ organisation because the government will dismantle it immediately. We’re talking about HIV/AIDS funding, or supporting trans people, the fact the government is against you is hard – even in America.

“We have a vice president who is adamant that he hates the gays, and is doing everything to remove us from the history books. It’s important that we show who we are holistically as gay men, but also that we start to help our allies understand that we still need their support. Also, gay people need to come together because we’re under attack.”

And if you’re suffering from Queer Eye withdrawal symptoms, don’t worry as a third season of the show is on its way. And unlike previous seasons, this one will take place in Kansas City, Missouri.

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