Drag Race legend Farrah Moan has publicly come out as a transgender woman.

The beloved talent shared the emotional news during a recent appearance on Maddy Morphisis’ podcast, Give It to Me Straight. 

“In 2019, unbeknownst to my following, that’s when I made the decision to live my life as a woman,” she explained to the Drag Race season 14 star. 

When asked if her transition had always been in the cards for her, the All Stars 4 contestant described it as a “forever coming.”

“The times in my life where I tried to suppress my trans identity, it was because I felt, if I ever did it, I would never be on Drag Race, I’d never be successful, I’d never be able to have a job,” she said. 

“Back in my day, the trans people that were brave enough to be open and out were very ostracized from society, in my perception at least.” 

Farrah went on to say that she also suppressed her identity due to her popular drag transformation – which was praised by fans upon her Drag Race debut. 

“I remember one of the things that made me so viral on my season was that I had a very dramatic male-to-female transformation,” she continued.

“I feel like that’s where a lot of the fascination with drag stems from is: seeing a man turn into a hot girl. So I felt if I had taken away that part, my dreams would never come true. 

“All these really shallow, superficial things were holding me back. It’s sad to look back on.” 

While Farrah repressed her identity at the start of her mainstream career, it wasn’t long before she reached her breaking point. 

“I think what my breaking point was, where I couldn’t take it anymore, was having a male persona [that felt more like drag than having to do drag,” she explained. 


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“Trying to figure out how to be a cute boy was so much harder for me and came so much more unnaturally, to the point where I was like, ‘I wish I could just go out in drag right now.

“The thought of dressing like a boy was so stressful to me. It stressed me out so much. I resented every masculine feature my whole life.”

Fortunately, Farrah’s life has massively improved since transitioning, with the 30-year-old talent telling Maddy that she feels more at home in her body. 

Shortly after the interview was released, fans flocked to social media to send love and congratulatory messages to the talented performer.

One fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote: “Farrah Moan came out. I’m so happy for her.”

Another person added: “Farrah Moan is officially the People’s Princess.”

Farrah also received support from her Drag Race sisters – including Jade JolieShea Couleé and Kylie Sonique Love. 

In response to all the love, the talented performer released her own X statement, thanking everyone for their support. 

“I just wanna thank @MaddyMorphosis for giving me a safe space to share my story, and thank everyone who’s tuned in so far and sent me love,” she wrote

“I have been in tears today from all the sweet messages, and I feel so free. Thanks again everyone I love u.” 

You can watch Farrah Moan’s immersive interview with Maddy Morphisis here or below.