Ginger Johnson has revealed her most memorable moment from the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. However, it did not even make it past the edit room onto screens.

In an exclusive interview with GAY TIMES, Johnson and fellow Drag Race UK finalists Michael Marouli and Tomara Thomas reflected on their favourite – and most shocking – moments from the series.

“The devil just got in us in Untucked and we could not stop laughing. We were constantly doing these impressions of Cilla Black and that’s where that started,” said the Lanchester queen about an unseen moment from week two.

“Me and Michael and Kate [Butch], DeDe [Licious] was there as well. In that moment, I was so tense and I let it all out of me. I looked around the room and thought, ‘My god, we’re really gonna have some fun.’

“That was really special. You didn’t get to see it because it was in amongst everything else that was happening, but that’s my favourite moment.”

Marouli, also in the interview, chimed in with confirmation: “I have to second that. It will stick with me forever. It was one of the funniest times of my life. We were screaming laughing and it was the realisation of, ‘We’re on Drag Race and we’re gonna have the best time ever.’”

For Johnson, it was reminiscent of feeling like “you’ve had two bottles of wine, and you’ve not even had a drink? It’s intoxicating and just takes over you. It was such a release, it was so gorgeous.”

Whilst we are disappointed that we have never had the opportunity to see this funny fave on our screens, season five of the Drag Race UK juggernaut has provided us with some truly gag worthy moments.

This week’s final between Ginger, Michael and Tomara Thomas is set to be a climax worth waiting for when we see the final three star as sexy cat burglars in the music video for RuPaul’s single ‘Spotlight’, before a new queen is crowned.

You can read our full interview with Ginger Johnson, Michael Marouli and Tomara Thomas here.