Drag Race UK star DeDeLicious has shared her thoughts on potentially starring in an All Stars spinoff with Krystal Versace

Spoilers ahead

On 23 November, DeDe’s time in the UK-based competition came to an end during the show’s ninth episode. 

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the queens flexed their comedic muscles for a Gladiators-inspired roast of the judges’ panel – which was also performed in front of the eliminated queens. 

While Ginger Johnson and Michael Marouli delivered hilarious and consistent jokes about our favourite Drag Race officials, DeDe struggled to keep up with the competition.

Unfortunately due to her performance, the beloved talent was placed in the bottom two alongside Tomara Thomas. 

After a showstopping lip-sync to Annie Lennox’s iconic song ‘Little Bird,’ – which cemented DeDe’s status as a lip-sync assassin – Mama Ru asked the beloved talent to sashay away. 

Following her elimination, the dynamic performer opened up to GAY TIMES about all things Drag Race UK, including her close relationship with season three winner Krystal Versace. 

When asked if they shared a playful rivalry, DeDe replied: “We just rip each other to shreds! She’s like, ‘You ain’t got a badge’ and I’m like, ‘You didn’t deserve your second badge!’ 


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She also gushed about their different trajectories on the show, with her earning the legendary title of lip-sync assassin and Krystal becoming a franchise winner. 

“It’s really fun that we kind of experienced solar opposites,” she explained. 

“When I told Krystal [about my lip-sync assassin status] she was like, ‘Perfect. This is exactly what you needed from this show, to show off your performance skills.’ She’s been great with all of it.” 

While the two talents have crafted their own lane in the Drag Race franchise, DeDe is open to competing on a best friend version of All Stars with Krystal. 

“That would be fierce. My god, the amount of arguments we’d have… We’re like family. Sisters, brothers, whatever. We would fight,” she said.

“We would just end up fighting through the challenge. It would be iconic TV, I can’t lie.” 

Drag Race UK season five is streaming now on BBC iPlayer. 

You can read our entire interview with DeDeLicious here.