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World of Wonder

Drag Race star Trinity the Tuck has opened up about the horrific injury she suffered while filming season nine. 

Since making her debut in the Drag Race universe, the beloved talent has become one of the most legendary contestants in the show’s herstory. 

From being the only queen with 11 challenge wins to delivering some of the franchise’s most jaw-dropping and snatched looks, it’s safe to say that Trinity has left an undeniable mark on fans.

While the Orlando-based queen is known for her pristine drag, she has also had her fair share of behind-the-scenes hiccups, including a secret medical emergency during season nine.

In a recent interview on Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change’s hit podcast Sibling Rivalry, the All Stars 4 winner revealed that she experienced an allergic reaction to her duct tape.

“I did so many naked looks on the runway. My penis was taped so long every day, I started to get black welts. I fully thought that I had an STD the whole time I was filming season nine,” she revealed. 

“This is right around the time that Eureka… gets eliminated for an injury. I’m like, bitch, I’m not telling them that my dick is falling off, bitch, I am keeping this to myself.” 

Fortunately, when Trinity met with her doctor, the medical professional assured her that she didn’t have an STD. 

“I went to the doctor as soon as we got done filming because it was that way the whole time, and I had to tape over that. It was bad. It looked like a horror movie down there, girl,” she explained. 

“I went to a doctor as soon as I got back to Florida, and they were like, no you don’t have an STD, but you’re allergic to duct tape.”

Since going through the horrifying experience, Trinity has switched from duct tape to “a vinyl that has a stretch to it”.

In response to her story, Monét revealed her own traumatic tucking experience on Drag Race – which took place during the eighth episode of season 10.

“It was really rough. I taped myself and I thought it was going well. Then I was waiting to walk down the runway, I’m sweating,” she explained. 

“As I was walking, the tape was just unsticking. That’s why they had to blur my runway on season 10, because my dick and the tape was fully out. Embarrassing. I can’t watch it.”