One of the competing queens of Drag Race All Stars 8 threatened to leave the competition during a recent episode of Untucked. 

Spoilers ahead

On this week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 8, the queens were tasked with delivering three “shop-dead-gorgeous” looks for the Supermarket Ball. 

“First category is Legendairy Queen, a look inspired by the dairy section. [The] second category is Fruity Patootie. That’s right, a look inspired by nature’s candy,” Ru informed the queens. 

“The final category is Supermarket Supermodel. You need to create a high-fashion look using items you’d find at the supermarket.” 

While each of the queens delivered unique and iconic looks, Jessica Wild was named the top all star of the week. 

After Mama Ru announced the challenge winner, the queens untucked backstage ahead of the final lip sync. 

When discussing their placements, Heidi N Closet expressed her disappointment over not being in the top. 

“I feel like I delivered three very different and strong looks, so I’m a little flustered ’cause I wanted this one so bad,” she said in a confessional. 

However things took a drastic turn the Miss Congeniality winner told her alliance partner Kandy Muse that she was leaving the competition. 

“Baby, I’m done. Ya’ll are in for a gag tonight, honey. I’m leaving,” Heidi whispered. 

After Kandy asked her to clarify, the season 12 queen replied: “I’m leaving. I don’t want to keep doing this. I’m leaving… have fun. I’ve shown enough.”

In a confessional, Kandy opened up about her confusion over Heidi’s declaration. 

“Girl, I don’t know where this is coming from. I don’t know why all of a sudden, Heidi wants to leave the competition. If the competition is getting to you, talk to us,” the New York queen said. 

“Is it because you’re not winning? Because there are girls that left early on in the competition that would’ve killed to be in your spot.” 

However before the two queens could finish their conversation, the episode’s guest judge JoJo Siwa visited the contestants to give them a pep talk. 

In the end, Jessica sent Mrs Kasha Davis home after the former beat Ra’Jah O’Hara in a lip sync battle. 

While Heidi refrained from leaving the competition by self-elimination, it looks like she’ll be involved in some shocking drama in next week’s episode.

“A lot of these girls are going to end up hating each other if I say something I need to say,” Heidi is shown saying during the episode four preview. 

In an additional confessional, she hints at having “tea that would burn this competition down.”

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