Drag Race star Kahanna Montrese has opened up about the latest drama-filled All Stars 8 episode. 

Spoilers ahead 

For episode five’s maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked to play the Snatch Game of Love, with their celebrity impressions as follows: Heidi N Closet as Blackbeard, Jessica Wild as Iris Chacón, Kahanna Montrese as her mother Coco, Jaymes Mansfield as Jennifer Coolidge, Alexis Michelle as Bea Arthur, Kandy Muse as Renee Graziano, LaLa Ri as Sukihana and Jimbo as Shirley Temple.

While the challenge delivered some iconic and hilarious moments, it also led to a tense interaction between Heidi and Kahanna in the workroom. 

Before heading to the runway, the season 11 alum confronted the Miss Congeniality winner for “antagonising” her during the challenge. 

“You really were pushing me. Saying that, I was struggling and throwing the jokes back at me,” Kahanna said while the other queens looked on. 

In response, Heidi immediately apologised to Kahanna, explaining that she never intended to “push” her down. 

“I did not mean for that to be what was happening. I don’t want you to feel like I was trying to push you down. I was hoping that you would be able to volley, hit the joke,” she said.

After the release of the explosive episode, Kahanna took to Twitter to clear the air regarding the status of her relationship with Heidi – who shockingly self-eliminated shortly after the debacle. 

“Me and @HeidiNCloset have been and are good! I’m not the reason she wanted to leave. She already decided to go before that episode,” she wrote. 

Kahanna then issued a message to Drag Race “fans” sending her hate messages on social media.

“I’m warning you now I’m not the one to play with in these comments. Y’all think you have anxiety now. No threat, but you’ve been warned. I keep telling y’all I’m a f***in witch! All I need is a name,” she added.

Heidi echoed similar sentiments on her own Twitter, encouraging fans to not send hate.

“Instead of sending negativity choose to spread love and peace. There’s plenty of ways to show [love] and support,” she tweeted.

“A sweet message, buying a sexy toy, subscribe to Patreon, or even tip a hoe *cough Venmo HeidiNCloset cough* sending love to all thank u.”

Due to Heidi’s surprising exit, none of the queens were sent home following the electric lip sync between maxi-challenge winner Jimbo and season 13 star Jasmine Kennedie. 

Next week on Drag Race All Stars 8, the seven remaining queens are tasked with staging the premiere of Joan, the Unauthorised Rusical. 

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