Drag Race star Jimbo has released a statement regarding her controversial All Stars 8 entrance look. 

On 20 April, World of Wonder announced the cast for the spin-off’s eighth season with a sickening set of Old Hollywood-inspired promo photos.

Joining Mama Ru and company this time around are Jimbo, Alexis Michelle, Darienne Lake, Heidi N Closet, Jaymes Mansfield, Jessica Wild, Kahanna Montrese, Kandy Muse, LaLa Ri, Monica Beverly Hillz, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Naysha Lopez.

In addition to the official announcement, the series released a Meet the Queens video, which featured the contestants sashaying back into the werkroom. 

While many Drag Race fans praised most of the queens for their entrance looks, Jimbo’s big-breasted bikini ensemble divided the fandom, with some accusing her of mocking women.

The day after her controversial look made waves on social media, Jimbo took to Twitter to shut down claims that she’s misogynistic.

“I was raised by my incredible Mother. My loving Aunts. My Beautiful Sisters and so many other incredible Woman,” she explained.

“Girls were often my only friends. I have a deep love and respect for women.” 

In response to her tweet, Drag Race fans flocked to Jimbo’s mentions to share their thoughts on her statement. 

One Twitter user tweeted: “Thank you for this lovely statement. I’m afab (and a drag artist), and I love your big bazongas but also understand the critiques, it’s just good to always be conscious of if anything is punching down or making anyone the butt of a joke.”

Another fan wrote: “Most of us understand and appreciate your art !!! Don’t let it diminish your spark! You’ve got everything! We love you!”

Premiering 12 May on Paramount Plus in the U.S. and on WOW Presents Plus in the UK, Drag Race All Stars 8 is set to set see the queens compete for a coveted spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame and the glorious grand prize of $200,000. 

The popular after-show Untucked will also be returning with new episodes. 

For more information about the gagworthy cast of All Stars 8, click here. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 8, along with Untucked, will air weekly starting Friday 12th May at 8am BST  on WOW Presents Plus in the UK. Subscribe to WOW Presents Plus via https://uk.wowpresentsplus.com/