The latest episode of Drag Race season 15 has delivered one of the most iconic lip-syncs in the franchise’s history.

Spoilers ahead.

For this week’s maxi-challenge, Ru asked the queens to tap into their funny bones and pen standup routines for the Bubbly Comedy Festival. 

“Now, to randomly divide you into comedy duos, you need to reach into this cooler and pull out a can of Bubly sparkling water,” Ru continued. 

In the end, the groups consisted of Sasha Colby and Anetra, Loosey La Duca and Luxx Noir London, and Marcia Marcia Marcia and Mistress Isabelle Brooks. 

Due to an odd number of queens, Salina EsTitties ended up as the lone wolf in the pack. 

But in true Drag Race fashion, Ru threw a slight twist by allowing Salina to perform solo or steal someone’s partner. 

After ringing in Mistress as her partner, Marcia was left as the event’s solo performer. 

Before leaving the workroom, Ru revealed that mini-challenge winner Anetra would be selecting the lineup order – which resulted in Marcia as the opener, Luxx and Loosey as the second performance, Sasha and Anetra in the third act, and Mistress and Salina closing the show. 



With the performing order selected and their comedy ideas written down, the ladies met with Drag Race icon Michelle Visage and guest judge/comedian Ali Wong for comedy coaching. 

While each queen had substantial material to work with, Visage and Wong held nothing back regarding critiques, tips and tricks. 

The next day, the group returned to the workroom to paint their faces and prepare for the main stage. 

Things took an emotional turn when Salina and Mistress bonded over their Latina heritage and the latter’s strained relationship with her mother.

“You know, also too with Latinas, it’s like, they also keep a lot of stuff hidden,” Salina exclaimed. 



Mistress echoed similar sentiments, stating: “That’s, like, a big reason I think why me and my family, like, just didn’t see eye to eye.

“My mom – me coming out gay being a drag queen, her biggest thing was like, what are people gonna think.” 

Mistress then revealed that she cut off her mother due to the toxic things the latter spewed regarding her gay and drag identities.  

“I think when I was younger and as I grew up, I kind of always pictured that when I became an adult that, we would work it out,” she added in confessional. 

“But I think that some of the things my mom has said and done are just unforgivable, so I don’t think that I would ever have a relationship with her.” 



Following the emotional admission, the queens headed to the main stage for their standup debuts. 

While Luxx and Loosey were a hit with the audience members, Marcia, Sasha, Anetra, and Mistress struggled to land consistent jokes throughout their acts. 

After strutting down the runway in their sickening “Rip Her To Shreds” ensembles and receiving their critiques, Ru named Loosey and Luxx the maxi-challenge winners – resulting in Anetra and Marcia in the bottom two. 

With the stage cleared off and Doja Cat’s hit single Boss Bitch as their track, the two dancing queens delivered one of the most iconic lip-syncs in Drag Race history. 

Throughout their electric performance, Anetra and Marica served kicks, turns, death drops, face, comedy, and a shocking summersault/backbend combo that left the studio absolutely GAGGED.



Despite the two queens delivering different and unique choreography, their routines somehow flowed naturally with one another – which resulted in a tough elimination decision from Ru.

After a tense moment of silence, Ru named Anetra the winner before asking Marcia to sashay away. 

“I’m honestly not super bummed. I feel really proud of what I’ve done here,” the New York-based queen said during her exit confessional. 

“Having just lip synced against Anetra and to have actually kind of put up a solid fight, I feel really good. I pushed my makeup skills. Most importantly, Ariana Grande knows who I am now. So I mean, that’s worth $200,000 to me.” 

On next week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, the queens are stepping into their musical bag for the competition’s annual Rusical challenge. Openly gay country music star Orville Peck will be the episode’s guest judge.  



Here’s how fans reacted to the latest episode of Drag Race and that HERSTORIC lip-sync battle:

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