Drag Race star Mirage has left fans gagged with her talent show performance. 

On 6 January, seven out of the 14 new competitors entered the werkroom to compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, as per, and a cash prize of $200,000.

The queens are as follows: Q, Xunami Muse, Amanda Tori Meating, Morphine Love Dion, Sapphira Cristál, Dawn and Mirage.

For their first maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked with showcasing their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent for the MTV Spring Break talent show. 

While all the contestants delivered showstopping numbers, Las Vegas talent Mirage stunned the panel – including special guest judge Charlize Theron – and the rest of her sisters with her dance and heel clack heavy original lip-sync. 

“My drag performance style is a lot of floor work and heel clacking and a lot of rolling around the floor, of course. The Swifter of Las Vegas,” she explained in a confessional.

Towards the end of her number, Mirage effortlessly landed in a split before executing a few more sickening heel clacks on the mainstage – which sparked a joyous response from RuPaul. 

Unfortunately, the young talent did not land in the top two of the week, which was decided by all of the contestants via the new “Rate-A-Queen” format. 

Shortly after the episode aired, Mirage’s routine went viral on social media – with fans describing the performance as “iconic” and “cunty.”

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “I can’t get over how CUUUUNNNTTTTT this leash tug to a strut move is. LIKE OMFGGGGGG.”

Another fan added: “No, because @Mirage_amuro caught me off guard with that talent show like bitch WHATTTTT.” 

A third viewer commented: “The other queens were jealous and robbed Mirage of a top 2 spot she deserved.” 

Fans also compared Mirage’s performance to fellow Las Vegas queen Anetra – who delivered her own viral talent show performance during season 15. 

“Anetra and Mirage being in the same drag family makes sense, both slayed the talent show,” said one user, while another wrote: “Anetra, mirage… one thing bout these Vegas queens, they’ll put on a SHOW.”

On next week’s episode of Drag Race season 16, the second batch of new queens enter the competition, with Becky G set to appear as a guest judge.

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