Food writer and LGBTQIA+ ally Nigella Lawson has unveiled her drag name, and fans can’t get enough. 

On 21 December, the beloved talent released her new BBC One holiday special, Nigella’s Amsterdam Christmas. 

As the title suggests, Nigella takes viewers on a cosy food adventure to the capital of the Netherlands, where she visits her favourite local sights and “picks up special ingredients for her festive feasting back home.” 

The synopsis reads: “With family ties to Amsterdam that go back generations, Nigella has fond memories of lights reflecting in the canals, the sights of people huddled against the cold drinking Claret Cup, the smells of spice-sweet and fruited breads and the crunch of icing-laced cookies.” 

Since its release, the holiday-themed special has received rave reviews from fans and critics due to its delicious recipes and Nigella’s wholesome stories. 

However, one moment that struck a chord with LGBTQIA+ viewers was when the beloved cook subtly revealed her drag name while making her speculaas biscuits. 

“My speculaas dough has rested, as have I, so before I roll it out, I’m going to give this slab a bit of dusting with my magic wand, or perhaps it’s a bit more of a seasonal sceptre,” she explained. 

She then added: “Let’s unwrap this fat patty – my drag name.” 

The brief moment was an instant hit with fans, with many taking to social media to shower Nigella with love. 


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One person on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote: “Nigella in her rollers making biryani on a house boat in Amsterdam, said her drag name is fat patty, we’re so back merry Christmas one and all.” 

Another viewer commented: “Nigella saying her drag name would be ‘Fat Pattie’ is the campest thing I have ever heard. 10/10. No notes. An absolute ally.”

Some fans even called on Drag Race UK producers to book Nigella for its next season, with one writing, “Starting from today: my petition to get @Nigella_Lawson on Season 6 of Drag Race UK.” 

Since her debut in the TV scene with Nigella Bites, the former restaurant critic has garnered a dedicated LGBTQIA+ fan base. 

In 2021, Drag Race UK season three star Ella Vaday celebrated Nigella and her legacy with her iconic Snatch Game impersonation. 

Throughout the challenge, Ella delivered a hilarious and creative performance, earning overwhelmingly positive remarks from the judges, fans and even Nigella herself. 

“I was on a train when it went out, so I missed it. Although it’s always slightly disconcerting seeing myself impersonated, I am actually looking forward to catching up with this on iPlayer at the weekend,” she wrote on X

After watching Ella’s performance, the cherished talent returned to the platform to share her reaction with a fan, writing: “I was nervous, I can tell you, before I watched it, but utterly charmed when I did!” 

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