‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner Yvie Oddly has slammed the show’s producers for being “the greediest, most-calculating, capitalist culture thieves.”

The star won season 11 before returning for ‘All Stars 7’, the franchise’s first instalment made up entirely of former winners.

During her run on the season, Yvie managed to win one challenge and racked up a total of two stars by the finale.

Fans praised how far she had come since her first appearance on the show, with many admiring her heightened runways and lip-syncing abilities, among other things.

Yvie has, however, previously shared her disappointment in how she was portrayed on the latter, describing the experience as “pretty gruesome from the start”.

“I truly wish you could’ve seen even a quarter of the REAL journey we experienced together (instead of all the strategy bs),” Yvie wrote on Instagram last August. “But I guess that’s what I get for participating in a ‘celebratory’ season of a global reality television franchise. In the end I’m happy you all enjoyed our hard work and harder play.”

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Now, after watching ‘All Stars 8’, the drag performer has once again taken to social media to share her frustrations with ‘Drag Race’.

She began by praising the cast and other drag artists who have participated in the franchise and been the “lifeblood” of what makes it great.

“The producers are often the greediest, most-calculating, capitalist culture thieves”

Yvie then put production on blast for their treatment of the contestants.

“They fuck with real people’s lives, career opportunities, and health,” she explained. “They drive themselves home in their luxury cars when their contestants are sleep-deprived, depressed, and DRASTICALLY underpaid for their contributions to the cultural phenomenon.”

In a separate tweet, she continued: “Then they tell themselves they’re good people for showcasing queer content and creating opportunities for us while ignoring the irreparable damage they cause, and creating a chokehold monopoly on how drag artists can succeed.”

Yvie said fans can “ask any of the drag kings who’ve never been cast” for proof of the “chokehold monopoly” the show holds over drag, adding: “Or the trans contestants who were barred from being themselves until a few years ago when they realized how lucrative that representation was in the culture wars.”

The star went on to clarify that she is “thankful” for ‘Drag Race’ but remains hopeful “for a future where queer people have opportunities to flourish outside of a fake competition to make a few rich old gays richer.”

“Tell you what,” Yvie further stated. “I’ll admit I was foolish to return when my gigs aren’t heavily populated by people who waited to see a random rugirl for their first drag show. Once we stop asking local stars if/when they’re going on drag race. When people stan us before we get a seal of appRUval.”