The final ever episode of Young Royals has aired, and fans have shared their verdict on whether the “emotional rollercoaster” of an episode was a satisfying conclusion to the beloved Swedish drama.

Major spoilers ahead! 

The third season has focused on the aftermath of Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) finally admitting to the press that he was the other man in the leaked video with Simon (Omar Rudberg).

Ryding previously told GAY TIMES: “‘We’ve chosen each other, let’s go!’ and then they face all of these issues and have to deal with them. That’s the substance of the story this season, I think. That’s the dilemma: is their choice and love sufficient for them to go on? Or will they not?”

The Netflix series concludes with Wilhelm making the decision to officially abdicate the throne as the future King of Sweden and pass the crown over to his cousin August (Malte Gårdinger).

The understated moment occurs during a conversation with mother and son, with Wilhelm telling the Queen of Sweden of his royal responsibilities: “What happens if I don’t want that?”

The former heir to the throne continues: “We have been assigned this. We haven’t chosen it. It’s always been this role that’s been the problem for me. I know you think I am going to change my mind, but I’m not going to. I don’t want this.”

Although ‘Wilmon’ was not the main motivation behind the decision, Wilhelm then chases after Simon, who had ended their relationship in episode five.

As his soulmate wistfully drives away, Wilhelm (in a moment that was straight out of a fairytale, but this time with glorious LGBTQIA+ representation) tells Simon that he chooses his love over the throne: “I don’t want to be king or a crowned prince, I just told mom. She’s fine with that. For my own sake. I want to be with you, Simon.”

Following a long-awaited kiss, a montage of the couple’s relationship over the course of the three seasons plays out. No – we’re not crying, you are! Finally, the series ends with the pair driving into the sunset with Sarah (Friday Argento) and Felice (Nikita Uggla).

Ryding told GAY TIMES about the experience of shooting the final episode: “Shooting the last scenes were very tearful and emotional. But, on the other hand, it’s such a privilege to know this is the last season and we’re leaving these characters, individually, on a note that is filled with hope.”

Fans were in a frenzy to share their opinions on the last episode.

One fan shared: “The montage of Wilmon at the end, Stella and Frederika kissing, Nils coming out, THE ENDING literally I won’t stop talking about it this episode was everything. Oh and Young Royals forever also was so beautiful to see, the gratitude Edvin and Omar have for each other.”

Another added: “Young Royals ending was so good I’m like waiting for someone to say sike there’s absolutely no way that actually happened… wish I could rewatch that episode for the first time again like that was an EXPERIENCE.”

“I woke up and it was not a dream, Wilmon endgame forreal LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL,” a third shared, “but I also woke up realizing Young Royals is gone for good. So I’m the middle to jump of joy ft jump out of the window. I’m going to miss everyone so fuckin much.”

However, there’s some good news in store for Young Royal fans: Rudberg has teased that he and co-star Ryding will continue working together – even after the show comes to an end.

Rudberg appeared on a recent episode of Tommy DiDario’s I’ve Never Said This Before podcast and revealed that we might not be waiting long for a reunion.

“People might be sad about the show ending and not seeing me and Edvin acting together anymore or working together anymore, but you know what? Me and Edvin are going to do some stuff together in the future,” he revealed.

The actor confirmed “something” is being worked on: “We are working on something that is a little secret but stay tuned because you’ll see me and Edvin do stuff together in the future. It’s not completely over.”

As for the status of the young actors’ friendship off screen, he confirmed: “Definitely, obviously going to be friends still but working together [is] not completely over yet.”

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