Yellowjackets star Liv Hewson has reflected on how their life has changed since receiving top surgery.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Hewson gushed about receiving the gender-affirming surgery – which they mulled over for at least a decade.

“I cannot tell you the complete fundamental shift that I have felt in the year since having surgery. I knew that I wanted top surgery for a decade; it’s the longest I’ve ever thought about doing anything,” they revealed.

“The place that I went, I had that clinic’s website open on my laptop for five years. It was this impossible mountain: I want that, but I’m never gonna get it. No one’s gonna let me, blah, blah, blah.”

The Drama World star went on to say that since receiving the procedure, they stand, walk and carry themselves differently before stating that they’ve “never felt happier.”

“I’ve never felt more stable and present, and alive. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s taught me a lot,” Hewson explained.

“The recovery process taught me about rest, accepting help, and caring for my body as something connected to me rather separate from me, that I’m in opposition to: This is mine, and I want to take care of it, and I feel good about it.”

Towards the end of their interview, The Santa Clarita Diet star slammed the conservative critics who spew hateful rhetoric about top surgery, including the idea that the life-saving procedure is “mutilating” a person’s body.


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“When people talk about gender-affirming surgery using words like ‘mutilation,’ that’s not very nice. Is that how you think about people who’ve had surgery for other things?” they told the news outlet.

“I am not going to entertain anybody’s disgust over my body. It’s my body, it’s healthy and strong and beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Point blank.”

Shortly after Hewson’s interview was released, fans flocked to their Instagram account to thank the Bombshell star for being so open about their journey.

One fan wrote: “You have no idea how much this means to us non-binary people out there. Some of us have a hard time feeling comfortable in our own skin.”

Another fan commented: “It made me emotional when I read it. Thank you so much for the representation and for talking so heartfully about it.”

Over the years, Hewson has used their platform to not only open up about their journey but also bring awareness to the non-binary community as a whole.

Back in April, the star opted out of the 2023 Emmy nominations due to gendered categories.

“There’s not a place for me in the acting categories. It would be inaccurate for me to submit myself as an actress. It neither makes sense for me to be lumped in with the boys,” they explained.

“It’s not quite straightforward and not that loaded. I can’t submit myself for this because there’s no space for me.”