“We yelled at production for not knowing our names and treating us like shit.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam has spilt some mother-tucking T in regards to her experience on the show’s fourth season.

The controversial performer revealed some information from behind-the-scenes after SNL alum Leslie Jones tweeted her shock at her disqualification. Jones has recently discovered Drag Race, and has been hilariously tweeting her adoration for the show.

“What the actual fuckery?!” she tweeted to her followers. “Whaaaaaaat happen?! Ok about to watch untucked to see if I can find out!”

Back in 2012, Willam became the first ever contestant to be told to leave the competition. She was reportedly in violation of her contract, later admitting that it was because she received conjugal visits from her husband.

After the show’s finale, multiple sources – including Willam – revealed that the details of his disqualification were fabricated by producers.

Now, Willam has revealed the true reason for her departure.

“Last day of S4 filming after coming back from NYC, Untucked’s producer (the Brit I hated) & I fucked,” she admitted. “Big reality TV no-no. I remember Visage mouthing at me “what are you doing?” cuz she is friends with my husband (we were open).”

Willam then revealed that her husband refused to appear at the reunion because “he knew they wanted me to say the conjugal story, which he wasn’t about to play into”.

She continued: “So when I tell that lie on stage, they do a cutaway shot of some old random dude in the audience like he is my man. Again – good reality TV producing but shitty as a person to me.”

In her posts, Willam also revealed how badly the production treated the season four queens, and how they favoured other contestants such as Sharon Needles. “We yelled at production for not knowing our names and treating us like shit.”

Read all of Willam’s T below:

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