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In 2023, GAY TIMES sought out emerging queer photographers and help them break into the world of arts, media or advertising. 

The lack of funding and opportunities in the arts is one of the key reasons we see a shortage of LGBTQIA+ representation in media and advertising. Breaking into photography as a career can be difficult, especially with the associated equipment costs and a need for experience. 

For James, who has been photographing London’s queer scene for over two years, they’ve found joy and community in connecting with events like The A Show. “The reason I wanted to highlight the A-Show is that it is perhaps the only cabaret that I know of that represents the intersectionality of Queer, A-Spec and neurodivergent communities,” they explain.

“As someone who is on these various spectrums, it is joyous to be able to be in a room with others who are also part of these communities and to watch an amazing variety of A-Spec performers doing things ranging from singing and poetry to dancing and the distinctly chaotic drag of East London.”

Following the closure of The Glory, which we had Photographer Lydia Robinson capture its final night of queer celebration, James found photographing The A Show, at the newly opened The Divine, much more meaningful.

The Glory is where I first saw and photographed drag and where I learnt to become a photographer and met so many wonderful people,” they tell GAY TIMES. “So, it was a sentimental choice to share photos from my first time at the new venue.”

GAY TIMES also spoke with The A Show organiser and drag king Landfill to hear more about the show’s beginnings and connection with the A-spec community. “I created The A Show because as someone on the asexual spectrum, I didn’t see myself in the community or queer drag scene in London, or really anywhere in society,” they say. 

Landfill adds: “The Asexual and Aromantic spectrum is very misunderstood even amongst the queer community and we’re subject to one of the highest rates of conversion therapy in the community.

“I created the show and space for A-spec people to come together in a safe space and express ourselves, as well as allies to come along and support us and learn more about our community.”