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Valentina has hit out at the body shamers on her social media.

The Drag Race star – who appeared on the show’s ninth season and returned for All Stars 4 earlier this year – has criticised her followers for their disgusting and disrespectful comments over a recent outfit.

Valentina attended the Creative Arts Emmy Awards over the weekend in an extravagant, nude-coloured gown alongside other Drag Race legends such as Nina and Brooke; although she looked as fierce as ever, fans took an issue with her body.

“I’ve read comments on my body and masculinity tonight that have really hurt me,” she said on Instagram. “Calling me a man. Telling me my hips don’t match my shoulders. It really fucking hurts.”

Valentina – who came out as non-binary earlier this year – continued: “I was living such an Emmys fantasy but these comments made me want to hide in a hole for something I can’t fix. I’m FUCKING human!”

One fan came to Valentina’s defence on Twitter, writing: “What the actual fuck is wrong with some of y’all omg.

“Valentina has worked so hard living her best life at the EMMYS while y’all are so fucking critical and just want to bash on her and her success with body shaming?! that’s so fucking pathetic and cruel get a fucking life.”

Another fan on Reddit rightfully said: “Fuck those bitches. Shame!!! Especially considering that Val has had eating disorders and body image issues since her teenage years.”

When we spoke to Valentina earlier this year, she spoke about her time on the Emmy Award-winning franchise, her appearance as Angel on Fox’s live adaptation of Rent and her journey to discovering her non-binary identity.

“It’s been really confusing to be constantly working, representing as a woman,” she told us of her past struggles. “I work everyday as this character, be called by her, and when I am her, I feel like the most powerful version of myself.

“And then I take it off, and then I’m no longer that person. And so, now I’m a boy and my personality is supposed to contrast that? Getting in and out of drag had me very confused, and I couldn’t define why there was something extra about me in drag.”

Valentina said she has now “interpreted and understood” that she can be both James and Valentina, and identifies with the “heart of a woman without having any sort of discomfort or confusion with living” in her male body.

“I just identify as either,” she continued. “I don’t necessarily have to decide. I’ve put my foot down because this is who I am.”

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