“I feel like certain fans pick and choose what they get offended by.”

Drag Race star Trinity the Tuck has addressed the backlash over her pensioner outfit from the fourth season of All Stars.

The Orlando-based performer – who won alongside Monét X Change in the controversial finale last week – lip synced against Latrice Royale in the show’s seventh episode in an old lady costume, and it received a fair back of criticism on social media.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Trinity explained: “So, look, I’m not always the most politically correct queen.

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“I’m a drag queen. I come from old-school nightclub drag where I entertain adults. I do understand that this show has all types of audiences, but I was allowed to do it. I thought it was funny, and I still stand by it. It’s part of my sense of humour.”

She added: “I feel like certain fans pick and choose what they get offended by. They’re ok with us talking about vagina, penis, and anal sex, but they’re not ok with us picking on other things.

“It’s a very pick-and-choose fandom. It’s ok if people don’t like that. My type of entertainment is not for everybody, but I appreciate the fans who get it.”

The highly-anticipated 11th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race will air 28 February on VH1.

In the UK, Drag Race is presumed to debut on Netflix the morning after it premieres in the US, just like the ninth and 10th seasons. However, this is yet to be confirmed, so don’t take our word for it…

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The premiere will see the debut of American singer-songwriter and Drag Race superfan, Miley Cyrus, who will go“undercover in the workroom to spy on the new cast of queens.”

A 90 minute episode of Untucked will reportedly follow after.

Watch the gag-worthy trailer for season 11 below and check out the profile of each queen here.