Dylan Woodley

After a bout of illness, Jordan Gray is ready to take on her string at the Soho Theatre like never before.

A follow-up to the two weeks of shows she did in October 2022, Jordan was set to do a “victory lap” in December before she was struck down.

“It was almost like hubris because it was a victory lap and they were like “No, slow down,” and I got really ill,” Jordan told GAY TIMES.

Now, however she’s back and ready to be bigger than ever.

Offering ticket buyers a refund or a return to the rescheduled shows, Jordan is aiming to give viewers quite the gig: “I always feel like it needs to have an escalation, why do the same thing twice?”

Gray was the first ever trans person to headline the London Palladium when she performed her hit show, Is It A Bird?, in October 2022.

She spent 10 years in the music business, notably reaching the semi-final of The Voice UK, before moving into the comedy scene.

Her lauded appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe and game-changing set on Channel 4’s Friday Night Live, which saw Jordan sing naked, made headlines in the last year.

I’m so hungry to prove myself now, having been ill, I’m going to come out and be like, “Nothing can stop me!”,” she told GAY TIMES.

“They [fans] can expect it to be a bigger version of the show, it’s the same show but bigger vibes.”

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