On Wednesdays we love a Mean Girls reunion. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert have reprised their roles from the cult comedy in a new Black Friday Walmart ad.

The ad opens with three new “Plastics” strutting down the forecourt of the North Shore high school, accompanied by the voiceover: “At Northshore’s some things never change. On Wednesdays we still wear pink.”

Then, Gretchen Wieners (Chabert) pulls up to the front of the school in a car and says: “Get in sweetie we are going deal shopping.”

As the camera pans away from the moving car, we see the return of the iconic Karen Smith (Seyfried) and to the delight of viewers, she is still a weather presenter. “Karen Smith here with the weather. There’s a 30 per cent chance that it is already Wednesday,” she says in her usual charming naivety.

The new school guidance counsellor is also a familiar face in the form of Cady Heron (Lohan).

Towards the end of the ad, there is Daniel Franzese stepping back into the shoes of Damian Leigh as the trio take their seat for the winter talent show. Girl world, thank goodness, is once again at peace with the latest rendition of Jingle Bell Rock being performed by the new “Plastics”.

Also making a cameo in this mini sequel is Cady’s fellow mathlete Kevin G (Rajiv Surendra).

Fans were quick to react with one fan taking to Twitter/X to say “this Mean Girls reunion is my Roman Empire, I’m literally freaking out”.

Another added: “To think one of the biggest pop culture reunions of the year happened in a Walmart commercial. Kinda genius. Maybe even… fetch?”

This fetch little collaboration has given us the first glimpse of the cast since the original movie in 2004.

“We think fans are going to be super excited to see us after all these years. I know we are excited for everyone to see what we’ve all been up to,” said Daniel Franzese in a statement.

“It was so nice being back together after all these years. It was great catching up with everyone,” said Lohan. “It was wonderful to spend the day with Amanda and Lindsay. It was so much fun to reminisce and be together again after all these years,” said Chabert.

The original 2004 film – which first introduced moviegoers to “Girl World” and its ever-changing hierarchy – starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert. For some unknown reason, McAdams did not reprise her role for the ad.

Mean Girls grossed over $129 million at the worldwide box office and developed a cult following.

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