There’s also a nod to the original classic.

The first trailer for the long-awaited sequel to The Craft, sub-titled Legacy, introduces a brand new coven of witches.

Directed and co-written by Zoe Lister-Jones, the film stars Cailee Spaeny (Bad Times at the El Royale), Gideon Adlon (The Society), Lovie Simone (Greenleaf), and Zoey Luna (Pose) as four high school students who dabble in black magic – to disastrous effect, of course.

The official synopsis reads: “When starting at a new school, Hannah befriends Tabby, Lourdes, and Frankie and quickly becomes the fourth member of their clique. Hannah soon learns that she somehow brings great power to the quartet.”

The two-minute teaser also references the original classic with a polaroid picture of Fairuza Balk’s iconic spellcaster Nancy Downs, confirming that it’s a continuation of the previous film’s events.

The Blumhouse production will also star Nicholas Galitzine (Handsome Devil), David Duchovny (The X-Files), and Michelle Monaghan (Messiah).

“It’s a terrific group of young actresses,” the latter recently teased in an interview with Collider. “It was a really female production. It was fantastic.

“Zoe’s just really smart. It’s spooky but also really timely and relevant, you know in terms of what it’s about and how she reimagined it.”

The 1996 original – which starred Balk (Almost Famous), Robin Tunney (Prison Break), Neve Campbell (Scream) and Rachel True (Half & Half) – received mixed reviews at the time, but has gained a cult following.

The Craft: Legacy premieres 28 October on Amazon Prime – just in time for Halloween! – watch the first trailer below.