Survivor stars Erika Casupanan and Parvati Shallow have come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

On 30 December, the two popular reality TV stars surprised fans when they shared a major life update regarding their sexuality. 

In a throwback video to her Instagram grid, Casupanan reflected on a New Year’s Eve tradition she took part in in 2022 – which was supposed to get her a boyfriend in 2023.

However, instead of finding a new man, the Survivor season 41 winner discovered her queer identity.  

“Throwback to last New Year’s Eve when I tried to do the “eat grapes while sitting under a table at midnight and you’ll be get a boyfriend by the end of the year,” her video text read.

“But I didn’t have grapes, so I chugged wine, and instead, that year, I realized I’m a lesbian. Close enough, right?” 

Casupanan also poked fun at her socks in the video, which she said was the first clue to her lesbian identity. 

“I was wearing rainbow socks what did I expect?” her caption read. 

Hours after Casupanan publically came out, Shallow took to Instagram to share similar news and confirm her relationship with comedian Mae Martin. 


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“We’re here. We’re queer. Happy new year,” she wrote. 

Shallow’s post also included a photobooth picture strip of her canoodling the Feel Good star. 

While her relationship with Martin may surprise some fans, rumours of the two being romantically involved have circulated since November 2023, per Autostraddle. 

Since uploading their posts, fans have taken to social media to shower Casupanan and Shallow with congratulatory messages. 

One user on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote: “Parvati Shallow and Erika Casupanan both coming out as queer on the same day??? Meaning we now have TWO sapphic winners??? What a time to be a lesbian that watches Survivor.” 


A third person added: “I’m sorry but y’all don’t understand how monumental Parvati shallow coming out as queer is to queer survivor fans… this is like the equivalent of idk Michael Jordan coming out to queer basketball fans.” 

In response to the thousands of messages, Casupanan uploaded her own X post thanking fans for their support. She also sent a congratulatory message to Shallow and Martin. 

“Mae’s show, Feel Good, helped me as I processed my queerness. I’m beyond excited for Parvati and Mae!” she wrote

Welcome to the family, Erika Casupanan and Parvati Shallow. 


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