Sam Smith has revealed that he is keen to start a family in the near future, with or without a husband by his side.

The British singer-songwriter – who released his brilliant new single Dancing with a Stranger last week – said that he plans to take some time away from the spotlight to have children.

“When I get to 30 years old I would like kids,” he told Hits Radio Breakfast Show. “I’d like to step off from touring for a few years and venture into that… I’d like two [kids]. I think I need to find a husband first though, but I can do it alone.”

But before that, Sam is busy working on his third studio album, which fans won’t have to wait as long for as they did his second.

“Between albums one and two I had a big break but now I’m gonna keep going, gonna keep working hard,” he said. “I don’t really want to get off the train right now.”

It comes following his addictive new track Dancing with a Stranger, which is a collaboration with former Fifth Harmony band member Normani.

“By chance the incredible Normani was coming into the studio and I just asked her to jump on the track,” he said of how the team-up came about. “It was a completely natural way of doing it, just by chance. Which makes it all the more special.

“It felt like a really friendly and kind collaboration.”

As for his wish list when it comes to future collaborations, Sam admitted: “My favourite artist in the entire world is Robyn, so I’d love to do something with her.”

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that Sam Smith has landed a cameo role in a retelling of the classic romcom Four Weddings and a Funeral that is being produced for this year’s Red Nose Day.

This version of the comedy, titled One Red Nose Day and a Wedding, will see Alicia Vikander (Tomb Raider) and Lily James (Cinderella) as a lesbian couple getting married.

Sam will be their wedding singer, and it’s been confirmed that he will be singing Elton John’s version of Chapel of Love. The short also reunites the cast from the original romcom.