The new season of Rick and Morty addresses the many recurring rumours of the sexuality of the inept character, Jerry.

This news piece will include spoilers for season five of Rick and Morty.

The mega-hit Adult Swim series has confirmed a central character to the show will be queer in the new season and we’ve got good reason to believe it’s Jerry.

Speculation of the character began once Jerry sought out a relationship with the phantom Sleepy Gary in the second season of Rick and Morty.

The season two episode, titled Total Rickall, revealed Jerry’s memory with Sleepy Gary was in fact a fake one. Despite this, the character was still heartbroken at the news Sleepy Gary was fictional and was implanted by a parasite.

Jerry went as far as to tell his wife Beth (Sarah Chalke) that he needed time to mourn and get over his loss before reconciling with her.

Now, in the first episode (Mort Dinner Rick Andre) of season five, it looks like the speculation of Jerry’s sexuality can be put to rest after he has a threesome with Beth and Mr Nimbus, the king of the ocean and Atlantis.

While the series avoids labels, many have pointed out the treatment of sexual fluidity or preferences on the show are perceived rather casually.

From Jerry’s episode-long obsession with the Sea King Nimbus to Rick’s unlabelled pansexuality in the Auto Erotic Assimilation episode, the show doesn’t explicitly verbalise the sexualities with titles, but that doesn’t make them any less visible.

Our friends at Digital Spy even pointed out that Summer, Morty’s sister, is LGBTQ+ in the comics but not in the show.

While the debate for visibility in TV shows strikes up again, we should ask whether a high-profile show like Rick and Morty can get away with queer subtleties, or does it owe fans visibility that is a little more clear cut?

You can watch the official trailer for season 5 of Rick and Morty here or below: