Ariel Kassulke

Their debut EP will arrive Spring 2020.

REYNA have left us slain (once again) with their brand new single.

On Clueless, the Milwaukee-based indie pop sister-duo deliver 80s-inspired synthpop perfection, which comes as no surprise considering their last few jams – Baby Forget ItMatinee and The Way I Loved You – are absolutely stellar.

“I’ve spent most of this year feeling pretty Clueless, struggling with anxiety, self esteem, and feeling like I’m not enough for the people in my life,” Gab said of the song in a statement. “I’ve felt like I keep letting the people I love down.

“It’s been really hard to crawl out of that feeling. Clueless is me saying to myself I deserve to be loved, to be happy and that I am enough, but most importantly I’ve learned to accept and love myself the way I am.”

Clueless will be included on REYNA’s debut EP, which will be available Spring 2020 – watch the video below.

When we spoke to Vic last year, she opened up on how she came to terms with her sexuality and the difficulties she faced coming out to her family, saying it was “traumatic and heartbreaking” and influenced her songwriting.

“My sister is super supportive, and it’s impacted her life, because we had wars in our family over this. You have to take a side. It’s definitely added a dynamic to our music,” she explained. “We grew up in the church, so it was a huge blow to my parents.

“It took them maybe six or seven years to kind of be okay with it. I got married last year, and I think that was the moment when my parents were like, ‘Oh my god, all these people are here and they’re okay with it?’ So it was like validation for them.”

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