G-A-Y is gearing up for their comeback!

The news was announced via social media with the caption saying “The Show Must Go On Even in Tier 2.”

On Saturday 5th December G-A-Y At Heaven will be opening their doors with performances from Lucie Jones & Shanay Holmes.

The new partnership was made in an effort to re-open and comply with the UK’s new tier guidelines.

The rules state: “Hospitality businesses selling food or drink for consumption on their premises are required to: provide table service only, in premises which sell alcohol, close between 11pm and 5am, and stop taking orders after 10pm.”

The owner of G-A-Y, Jeremy Joseph, has been vocal over the COVID regulations and the government’s handling of the hospitality sector.

In a tweet posted on 25 November, Joseph commented on the new tier rules stating: “New Tier system completely destroys hospitality & now the Government thinks it’s OK to drop restrictions for Christmas which will most likely mean another Lockdown in January.”

He continued: “Why should more households be allowed to mix over with no social distancing but hospitality is closed.”

When it comes to LGBTQ+ nightlife many professionals in the field and members of the community have taken a huge hit.

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan opened up about the ongoing pandemic and his plans to help save LGBTQ+ establishments.

“The pandemic has had a significant impact on our LGBTQ+ venues, which we know play a vital role in supporting the community, acting as a safe haven where they feel comfortable and free to be who they are

“That’s why we’ve been working hard to protect these spaces and why city hall is providing investment and support at a critical time for our venues to help secure a future for our vibrant LGBTQ+ scene across the capital,” he said.

The second lockdown will be ending on 2 December.