Taking to the small screen, this fresh Pakistani drama drives to break cultural stereotypes. 

Written and directed by British Pakistani film-maker Asim Abbasi, Churails is a game changing web series which follows the story of four powerful survivors of abuse and mistreatment.

Banding together, the women form a detective agency under the guise of a burqa boutique, titled Halal Designed we might add. Hidden by this fool proof front, the team strive to seek out cheating husbands and deliver justice.

The web series’ creator was born in Pakistan and later moved to the UK in his teen years. Abbasi built a name for himself following the success of his debut film Cake; a 2018 Pakistani comedy-drama which centers on an estranged family trying to reconnect.

Speaking to The Guardian, the writer and director described the intention behind the new web series: “Churails is a story about women on the fringes of society,” said Abbasi. “In Pakistan, being a woman is the equivalent of being a sexual or ethnic minority because of the power dynamics of patriarchy. The series is very culturally specific, but also very universal.”

This 10-episode web series is set to push the boundaries of Pakistan TV as we know it. The choice to feature a lesbian relationship will, no doubt, receive backlash.

While the couple will not be front and centre of the show, the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters in a Pakistani production is always a risk. Same-sex relationships in Pakistan are illegal, but we hope this small screen exposure will bring a new perspective to those that watch it.

Churails will premiere on ZEE5 this August. You can watch the trailer below.