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Matt Bomer has explained why he ‘loves’ his character on Doom Patrol.

On the DC series, the Golden Globe winning actor stars as gay superhero Larry Trainor/Negative Man, a former pilot who is able to fly and generate minor explosions after an accident involving “negative energy”.

Because Trainor is wrapped head-to-toe in bandages, he is physically portrayed by Matthew Zuk with the voice of Bomer, who also physically appears as the character in flashbacks.

When asked why he took on the role, Bomer said he was intrigued to play a character who is embodied by two different actors.

“It’s not like voicing animation, it’s a true collaboration in that I just throw spaghetti at the wall,” he explained. “Matthew does his stuff, and we go back and polish it at the end.”

He continued: “I’d never really seen a gay male superhero and what I love most about the character is that even though it’s a huge struggle internally for him.

“It’s not the sole thing that defines who he is, he’s such a multifaceted character, if it was just one stereotypical aspect of him I would have had reservations about it.”

Doom Patrol is the third scripted television series in the DC Extended Universe, after Titans – which stars Brendon Thwaites as Robin – and the animated drama Young Justice.

The series premiered 15 February on the DC Extended Universe Network. It also stars Diane Guerrero (Orange is the New Black), April Bowlby (Drop Dead Diva), Joivan Wade (Eastenders), Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Brendan Fraser (Bedazzled).

Watch the trailer below.